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I can see this is going to be difficult.

James, Twilight, Chapter 21, p.427

Do you think you could get away from them if your mother’s life depended on it?

James, Twilight, Chapter 21, p.428

Before noon, please, Bella. I haven’t got all day.

James, Twilight, Chapter 21, p.429

That was very quick. I’m impressed.

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.441

Sorry about that, Bella, but isn’t it better that your mother didn’t really have to be involved in all this?

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.444

You don’t sound angry that I tricked you.

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.444

I will give your strange coven this much, you humans can be quite interesting. I guess I can see the draw of observing you. It’s amazing — some of you seem to have no sense of your own self-interest at all.

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.445

I suppose you’re going to tell me that your boyfriend will avenge you?

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.445

To be quite honest, I’m disappointed. I expected a much greater challenge. And, after all, I only needed a little luck.

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.445

Humans can be very predictable; they like to be somewhere familiar, somewhere safe. And wouldn’t it be the perfect ploy, to go to the last place you should be when you’re hiding — the place that you said you’d be.

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.446

It was all for him, of course. You’re simply a human, who unfortunately was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and indisputably running with the wrong crowd, I might add.

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.447

Well, I suppose we should get on with it. And then I can call your friends and tell them where to find you, and my little message.

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.448

I thought this room would be visually dramatic for my little film. That’s why I picked this place to meet you. It’s perfect, isn’t it?

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.449

Wouldn’t you rather have Edward try to find me?

James, Twilight, Chapter 22, p.450